Health and Personal Development Mrs. Marci

Course Syllabus

The BIS Health and Personal Development (HPD) programme aims to help guide our students safely through a challenging period of physical, social and emotional development, based on students’ own inquiries and concerns and addressed in an age-appropriate manner.

The inquiry studied at any given time depends on a number of factors:
– What are students interested in?
– What’s going on in the school, local or global community?
– Are the topics appropriate for students’ level of maturity?
– How can we link HPD with other subjects in the Middle School curriculum?



IV. Approaches to Learning

The Approaches to Learning component looks at how the student’s attitude, discipline, methods, and interaction with others affect their learning. The students’ approach is measured and reported against the statements below. The Approaches to Learning component should be measured against processed tasks (ex. drafts, daily homework, attitude, participation, etc.) Approaches to Learning are general skills that students will develop and apply in all subject areas. This component helps students to recognize and improve upon the skills necessary in today’s world.

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