Nutrition and Exercise

Nutrition and Exercise

Self Management Skills:

My Plate

  1. Go to the following website:
  2. Read through each of the categories on the interactive plate.
  3. Create your own digital plate using pictures of different examples for each category.
  4. Include the notes that you take from the interactive plate (online) to the digital plate you create.
  5. Upload your digital plate to Moodle.

My Food Journal

  • Use one food journal page for each day.
  • Log 5 days worth of meals.
  • Count up nutrients and serving sizes.
  • You will use this information for your group power point.

What makes me special? Activity and Upload

  1. Create a bitstrips avatar for yourself by going to and clicking on Daily Funnies Starring You. Make sure it portrays characteristics about you that make you different from everyone else in the class.
  2. Open a Word document
  3. Copy and paste your avatar into the Word Document. Below your avatar include the following:
    • Your name.
    • What would the world be like if everyone looked the same?
    • List 3 things that make you different than others physically.
    • Why are these 3 things positive.
    • List 3 ways that people judge each other.
    • Why is it bad to be judgmental?
    • List 3 things that you look for in a friend.
    • List 3 things that represent your inner beauty.
    • How can these 3 things make the world a better place?
  4. Upload your document to Moodle.

My Physical Fitness Plan


21st Century Skills:

Interactive Food Pyramid

  1. Go to the following website :
  2.  Read through the instructions and learn from the interactive food pyramid.
  3. Draw your own food pyramid so that each category shows examples of healthy foods in that category.

Body Images Power Point

Healthy Choices Games

Click link to open resource.

Exam Prep Schedule

Exam Prep Schedule