Nutrition and Exercise

Week 1: Introduction and Orientation
Weeks 2 and 3: What Am I eating and how can I improve my diet?

  • Begin creating your power point presentation. There should be slides devoted to the following categories:
    • Carbohydrates (bread, cereal, rice, and pasta)
    • Vegetables and Fruit
    • Dairy
    • Proteins
    • Fiber
    • Fats, oils, and sweets
  • Each slide should include the following information:
    • recommended servings
    • suggestions of healthy foods in each category including calorie counts.
  • Next you will keep a “food journal” of everything you eat or drink for the next 3 days. You should take pictures of each of your meals including snacks. If this is not possible then you will need to search for pictures of each of the foods and cite each picture.
  • These pictures should be included into the correct categories on the slide show.
  • Analyze you eating habits. How can you improve your diet? What should you keep the same?

Week 4: Discuss the good and bad habits and suggest improvements.

Week 5: Types of Diet
  1. Watch the  .
  2. In groups of 2 you will create a Menu for a specific type of diet.
Week 6:
  1. Continue work on your menu

Week 7:

  1. Complete menu and sign up for a dish to bring next week.

Week 8:

  1. Bring a dish from your menu.
  2. Before eating we will have brief presentations of each dish. Please include…
  • a brief explanation of why the dish is a part of your diet.
  • explain the diet
  • include health risks/benefits
  • mention a few other dishes found on your menu
Week 9: What is a healthy body image?
  1. Go through the Body Image Power Point below.
  2. Follow the directions on the Body Images Activities Instructions below.
Week 11: Positive Self Esteem
  1. Watch the video “How to have a positive self esteem” below.  You may not greet yourself this way every morning but you should consider making time to improve your self esteem.
  2. Follow the instructions for the What makes me special? Activity.
  3. Upload your assignment to Moodle.

Week 12: Being a good role model
  1. Brainstorm characteristics of good role models.  
  2. Using your avatar created on, create a comic strip at least 6 slides long.
  3. The comic strip should show your avatar being a good role model. 
  4. Copy and paste your comic strip to a Word document and upload to moodle. 

Body Images Power Point

Body Images Questionnairre

Birth Certificate

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Flour Babies Information Sheet