About Mrs. Marci

About Mrs. Marci: 

Welcome to breakingbio.net where you can access all of Mrs. Marci’s classroom activities.  This website is intended to be a tool for students in Mrs. Marci’s class and is not endorsed by the IB.

I would like to start by letting you know a little about myself. My name is Marci Russell, but you can call me Mrs. Marci. I have been teaching since 2000 when I began my career in Corpus Christi, Texas. I then moved to Houston, where I taught for 2 years and met my husband, Mr. Richard Russell, whom many of you may know. We then moved on to Madrid, Spain, where we both worked for 5 years and enjoyed everything about the school, Spain, and traveling Europe. After 5 years we moved on to Cairo, Egypt where we did a lot of diving in the Red Sea and ended up with a pet cat, Doc. Our latest journey has been here in Indonesia and we love the culture, the people, and the beautiful scenery. We have lived in Indonesia for 7 years so far, have loved every minute of it, and are now a family of 5 with 1 cat, Doc, and 2 dogs, Chloe and Gus Gus. We enjoy working everyday with some of the most kind-hearted and hard working students I have ever met. I’m not sure where this journey will lead me, but I love teaching and the values of the IB program, so I hope to continue on this pathway for many years to come.

I hope you enjoy the class and all of the resources on this site. If you are a recruiter interested in learning more about me as a teacher, IBDP Coordinator, and Deputy Secondary Principal, please see my Professional Information Page.

Mrs. Marci